which is better for solid polycarbonate board, cold bending or hot bending

- Aug 06, 2018 -

With the development of technology, the bending process of solid polycarbonate board has been greatly improved. Today, we share with you the two bending process.

1. Cold bending process molding, generally can be its thickness 150 times as the minimum cold bending radius for cold bending. However, for an solid polycarbonate board with an anti-scratch layer, the minimum cold bending should be 175 times, and if smaller, it is recommended to use hot forming. Cold bending will produce a certain permanent deformation, the size of the deformation depends on the thickness of the plate.After cold bending processing, there will be a certain degree of relaxation. Good PC board is about 25% over-bending. After a few days, the internal and external forces should be balanced to make the final shape.

2. solid polycarbonate board thermal bending processing, PC plate thermal bending processing is to use heating equipment to conduct local single-side heating or local double-sided heating on the bending position of PC board. Generally, according to the thickness selection method of PC board, it is recommended that PC board above 5mm adopt local double-side heating.

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