The difference between hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet

- Dec 06, 2018 -

    The difference between hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet

  The hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet have more subdivided categories, such as double-layer hollow polycarbonate sheet, four-layer hollow polycarbonate sheet, honeycomb polycarbonate sheet, and so on. We first need to state the application of the type of sheets, and then elaborate on its future application prospects based on the advantages and disadvantages.

  The hollow polycarbonate sheets are generally used for lighting and insulation, and their bendable and impact resistant properties have led to a wider range of applications.

  The lighting application is mainly used for covering materials such as agricultural greenhouses and ecological restaurants. Among them, double-layer polycarbonate sheet and four-layer polycarbonate sheet , and anti-fog droplet technology is the good covering material for agricultural greenhouses. Another extension of daylighting is architectural lighting, such as stadiums, building plants, roofs, etc. Generally, considering the impact resistance, heat preservation and service life, four-layer, honeycomb or more complex hollow solar panels are generally used.

  Because of the excellent bending, color diversity and impact resistance of the polycarbonate sheet, the polycarbonate sheets are the best covering materials for the sunshade, rain shelter, carport, and sports center stands. Including other edge applications, we will not list them one by one. In the future, with the price and performance of PC Sunshine, it is more accepted by people. I believe that more markets will be developed by us.

The lighting application part of the solid polycarbonate sheet is overlapped with the hollow polycarbonate sheet, including agricultural greenhouses, ecological restaurants, architectural lighting, curtain walls, etc., and the disadvantage of the solid polycarbonate sheet is that the price is much higher than the hollow polycarbonate sheet. Because the solid polycarbonate sheet has more performance than the sun board, including lighting and impact resistance, it is far superior to the hollow polycarbonate sheet, so its derivative application area is much richer than the hollow polycarbonate sheet, including lighting cover, soundproof wall, and soundproofing. Covers, light diffused advertising light boxes, police shields, building curtain walls, basketball boards, and many other deep-processed products.

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