what is the material of polycarbonate sheet

- Jul 17, 2018 -

A lot of people in life are sceptical of PC sheet, although hollow polycarbonate sheet, solid polycarbonate sheet more and more appear in every aspect of life, but still thinking is just ordinary plastic sheet? How would it be possible to use? Today, we will help you to answer your questions and understand the polycarbonate sheet.

PC sheet is not the ordinary plastic sheet, PC sheet by using polymer polycarbonate raw materials production and processing, the same production process are multilayer package, so the PC sheet have poison? After all, it is mainly to judge its raw material and production process whether there is a toxic substances added and will produce toxic or harmful substances in the process of production.

First, determine whether the PC(polycarbonate) material is toxic

Polycarbonate (PC) is a kind of strong thermoplastic resin, generally is colorless, transparent, odorless, granular crystal, non-toxic pollution-free, is a kind of widely used in glass, automobile industry and electronic assembly industry, electrical industry, industrial machinery parts, disc, packaging, computer and other office equipment, medical treatment and health care, film, leisure and new environmental protection engineering plastic protective equipment.

Secondly, is there any toxic substance added or toxic substance produced in the production process of polycarbonate sheet?

hollow polycarbonate sheet commonly used for ordinary twin wall polycarbonate sheet, multiwall polycarbonate sheet, deformed sheet structure, production of raw materials for PC (polycarbonate), don't need to add any material, if you need different color sheet production, just need to add different color masterbatch, no poisonous and harmful substances, and the structure of the multiwall and different, mainly depends on the different production mold. Other special application fields of the droplets are hollow polycarbonate sheet, compared with the average hollow polycarbonate sheet, mainly process increases the step add anti-fog prevention, treatment, also are non-toxic pollution-free technology, production equipment itself are machinery and equipment, there is no toxic and harmful substances, also won't produce toxic or harmful substances.

solid polycarbonate sheet is the most common solid polycarbonate sheet, dual UV solid polycarbonate sheet, frosted sheet and embossed sheet. From the production process, all products for multi-wall co-extrusion production, ordinary solid polycarbonate sheet, PC embossed sheet in the process the raw material is polycarbonate, don't add any other matter, are only different in the production of corresponding sheet mould, double UV coating solid polycarbonate sheet’s raw material is polycarbonate particle and UV coating, UV itself is non-toxic pollution-free products.

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