A brief analysis of polycarbonate solid sheet’s application as production line protection board

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Since the introduction of the polycarbonate solid sheet, we have never thought it can match with the sophisticated electronic technology. Although the polycarbonate solid sheet has excellent optical and physical properties, its applications are limited to decorative lampshades, advertising light boxes, and so on. In the industrial field, there is hardly a wider range of applications other than factory lighting. In recent years, Xinhai has reached project cooperation with a number of high technology enterprises, which has made the polycarbonate solid sheet, an outstanding physical property board, more mature for the mass application of production line protection board. Today, we take an automobile manufacturer in Tianjin as an example to carefully analyze the advantages of polycarbonate solid sheet as production line protection board.

The company has ordered more than 3000 square meters of polycarbonate solid sheet in Xinhai successively, with a thickness of 4.5-5mm. There will be more project cooperation in the future. According to the description of the company purchasing manager, before known polycarbonate solid sheet, they use acrylic as protective board, its demand function points are mainly light transparency. After fully understanding the outstanding performance of polycarbonate solid sheet, the company decided to upgrade to polycarbonate solid sheet as the protection board of production line.

So, what's the advantage of polycarbonate sheet versus acrylic? In terms of basic function light transparency, there is little difference between them, both of which are around 90%, both of which can be satisfied. However, more consideration is given to the application environment, including temperature, fire retardant, impact resistance and so on. The application temperature of polycarbonate solid sheet is between -40 degrees and 120 degrees, which satisfies the application environment of most workshops. When acrylic exceeds 60 degrees, slight deformation will occur. Acrylic itself does not have outstanding flame retardant characteristics, when faced with open fire, it is easy to cause great loss, while polycarbonate solid sheet is class B1, can be self-extinguishing when off the fire to avoid more loss; In terms of impact resistance, polycarbonate solid sheet is 30 times of acrylic of the same thickness. In addition, the polycarbonate solid sheet also has sound insulation, heat insulation and other unique performance, and these are what the modern production line needs.

In the future, Xinhai polycarbonate sheet company will cooperate with more manufacturing enterprises in this field to build mutually beneficial cooperation.

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