Analysis on the hazards of poor quality polycarbonate sheets

- Jun 27, 2018 -

In recent years, polycarbonate sheets have been developing at a high speed. We have realize that, they have been widely used in construction, greenhouse, advertising, transportation facilities and other industries. Because of the polycarbonate sheets industry foreground is wide, the price is low, so many manufacturers began to come into the polycarbonate sheets industry, resulting in quality is uneven, there are many inferior polycarbonate sheets in the industry now, then what do you know the dangers of using inferior polycarbonate sheets?

The using of inferior polycarbonate sheets mainly has the following hazards:

Inferior polycarbonate sheets contain toxic and harmful substances, and poor quality polycarbonate sheets use recycled materials, has poor environmental protection, does a great harm to the human body. Recycling itself is good for the environment, but it can have an impact on the user or the processor. bad quality polycarbonate sheet’s shock resistance is poorer, prone to accidents, inferior polycarbonate sheets bearing capacity is poor, easy to cause the phenomenon of surface subsidence cracking, bearing would also be affected, if placed on board is very easy to fall off causing potential safety problems. For example, in case of disasters such as hail, poor quality polycarbonate sheets are difficult to resist hail. If they are used to build greenhouse greenhouses, they will not only affect plants and animals in the greenhouse, but may also hurt people.

The characteristics of the product are reduced, and bacteria such as mold are easy to appear. As the quality of the poor polycarbonate sheets contains many impurities, the effect of heat preservation and daylighting is decreased. On the contrary, the quality of good polycarbonate sheets will not appear above harm.

Polycarbonate sheets of poor quality will increase costs, due to the poor quality of using the recycled old material production, so the quality is not up to standard, the service life is very short, will soon appear yellowing cracking problem and cannot continue to use, so need to replacement adds cost intangibly.

Above few points is the harm that Xinhai summarizes about inferior polycarbonate sheets, hope friend is able to distinguish carefully when buying, choose appropriate polycarbonate sheets according to specific circumstance.

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