The future application prospect of PC sheet

- Jun 17, 2018 -

At present, the PC sheet in the market mainly has the following three kinds: solid polycarbonate sheet, hollow polycarbonate sheet, corrugated polycarbonate sheet.

The hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet both have more subdivisions, such as twin wall polycarbonate sheet, four wall polycarbonate sheet, and honeycomb polycarbonate sheet. We would first state the application of subdivided types of PC sheet, and then talk about its future application prospect according to the advantages and disadvantages in detail.

PC hollow polycarbonate sheet are generally used for daylighting and heat preservation, and due to their flexible, shock - resistant properties have led to a wider range of applications.

The main application of daylighting is as the covering materials for agricultural greenhouses, ecological restaurants and other places, among which the twin wall polycarbonate sheet and four wall polycarbonate sheet, plus the fog-proof technology is the best covering material for agricultural greenhouses. Another extension of the daylighting is architectural daylighting, such as gymnasium, construction plant, roof, etc., considering the impact resistance, heat preservation and the service life of the problem, usually adopt four wall, honeycomb, or more complex structure hollow polycarbonate sheet.

Because the sunshine board has excellent flexibility, color diversity and impact resistance and other advantages, no matter for shade, rain canopy, carport, or sports center stadium and other places, the hollow polycarbonate sheet are excellent cover material. Including some of the other margin application, we'll not list all. as the price and performance of the hollow polycarbonate sheet are more accepted by people in the future, we believe we will develop more market.

The daylighting application of the solid polycarbonate sheet partly overlapping with hollow polycarbonate sheet, including agricultural greenhouse, ecological restaurant, architectural lighting, curtain wall, etc. the shortcomings of solid polycarbonate sheet is its prices much higher than hollow polycarbonate sheet. Because solid polycarbonate sheet has a lot of characteristic far more stronger than the hollow polycarbonate sheet, including lighting, impact resistance and other properties, so its derivative application field are much more abundant than hollow polycarbonate sheet, including light shade, sound barriers, enclosures, light diffusion advertising light boxes, police shield, building curtain wall, basketball board, and other more deep processing products.

Because its expensive price we cannot say for sure what extent solid polycarbonate sheet market will develop to, perhaps in the near future, this outstanding emerging environmental protection sheet will come into each of our family.

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