PC Nai board in the public building materials market position

- Dec 21, 2017 -

As a more common type of building material, PC endurance boards are among the best in the market because of their price and performance over other similar products (PMMA board, PS board).

PC endurance board in the world this "light, beautiful, tall," the request, the more used in the walls, ceiling, windows and doors, countertops until the furniture, the use of plates are almost always indispensable. According to the processing of the market with different materials and materials used can be divided into PC endurance board, PC sunshine board, PC lighting board, PC wave board.

The same kind of plate material is almost the same physical characteristics, such as MDF smooth surface, fine material, function and stability, good resistance to moisture, high strength, nail holding force is good; vertical and horizontal endurance board physical and mechanical function difference Large, good planning strength, good stability, do not contain the amount of plastic is relatively good. Therefore, we should fully consider these physical characteristics when choosing the types of plates to be used, and select the most suitable types of plates for different applications. Plate because of its production of materials and skills are not the same with different thermal conductivity.

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