Sunshine board sunshine room purposes and maintenance

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Sun room gives us the bright sunshine and space, as beautiful as the spring effect.

But in fact, with the sun room, you can spend 12 months a year in the home or in the comfortable sun room bathed in natural daylight and space.

No matter what you think, have a PC sunshine board, you can create your dream sun room.

So how do we maintain it?

1. Sunshine room doors and windows in use, the action should be light, push and pull along its natural; found that there are problems do not hard and push hard push, should first rule out the malfunction;

2 fouling, deformation is the main reason for the push-pull difficult, to keep doors and windows clean, especially the push-pull groove cleaning, vacuum suction can be sucked groove and seal the top of the fouling.

3. Sunshine room interior cleaning available soft or neutral detergent, do not use soap and detergent, but also can not decontamination powder and other strong acid and alkali cleaners. Try not to damage the PC sunshine plate UV coating, so you can make the sunshine room longer.

4. Should always check the connection of the PC sunshine board, tighten the bolt in a timely manner, replace the damaged parts, locate the shaft pin, wind bracing, to spring and other vulnerable parts of aluminum alloy doors and windows, should always check regularly lubricated Oil, keep it clean and flexible.

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