Photovoltaic agricultural social and economic benefits

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Improve land utilization:

In the sunny side and the shady according to different lighting conditions configured to different lighting requirements of the plants; tall greenhouse can build three-dimensional agriculture, borrow LED for light, such as nursery, the nursery bed shelves. In a certain land space, photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse to achieve the agricultural crop economy and energy generation efficiency "win-win."

Promote re-employment of peasants:

Can solve part of the farmers and 40-60 rural left-behind employment

Demonstration of efficient agricultural scale:

Greenhouses and roof technology combined photovoltaic greenhouse, not only to ensure the normal operation of shed facilities, but also store rainwater, snow and other recycling, is a low-carbon, energy saving, environmental protection, tourism in a new high-tech agro-ecological This project greatly promoted the development of traditional agriculture to industrial agriculture and played a good exemplary role in the development of agriculture in the region. Achieved the "win-win" situation for peasants, enterprises and governments Integrated tourism and eco-agriculture:

"Photovoltaic greenhouses" can also be combined with tourism to build sightseeing agriculture, combined with the needs of community agricultural products, build community farms, and experience with the public to build happy farms and other high-efficient planting, agricultural popular science, leisure and sightseeing in one of the new agricultural projects.

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