How to accurately measure the thickness of solid polycarbonate sheet?

- Jun 19, 2018 -

To the requirement of the thickness solid polycarbonate sheet is most strict in all transparent material, because the thickness of the sheet directly affects its performance in a variety of using environment, mainly reflected in the impact resistance and service life. Therefore, it is necessary to master the correct method for measuring solid polycarbonate sheet thickness.

Due to the lack of professional measuring tools and correct measuring methods for some customers, some illegal manufacturers have the opportunity to cut corners on the thickness of sheet materials and earn huge profits. In view of this we prepared two accurate measurement methods for reference.

The first method: use professional measuring tools, vernier calipers, tape measure, etc.

First, correct the caliper or tape measure to the position of "0". Prepare the solid polycarbonate sheet products that need to be measured, carefully remove the protective film covering the upper part of the solid polycarbonate sheet, and make sure there is no foreign matter on the sheet. then stuck The measuring caliper horizontally into the solid polycarbonate sheet, gently press the caliper button to observe and record the number on the caliper.

Remember the steps above, in accordance with this method test two or three points in the four solid polycarbonate sheet edges separately, this add up to at least 8 to 12 points needed to be measured , then make the average number of each point data thus we get the relatively accurate solid polycarbonate sheet thickness, and compare with the custom sheet thickness. If the error is within 3%, it is qualified. For example, a 1 mm solid polycarbonate sheet should be between 0.97 mm and 1.03 mm, and a 10 mm solid polycarbonate sheet should be within a range of 9.7 mm and 10.3 mm.

The second method: calculate the thickness by measuring the weight of the solid polycarbonate sheet.

Record the length, width and thickness of the solid polycarbonate sheet and calculate the actual weight of the solid polycarbonate sheet. The weight measurement method for solid polycarbonate sheet is: length * width * thickness *1.2= the total weight of the sheet. If the error of weight measurement is small compared with theoretical value, the thickness of solid polycarbonate sheet is sufficient. If the difference is large, it indicates that the sheet has been jerry-built.

Generally speaking, the second method is not very convenient in practice. It is recommended using the first method to measure the thickness of solid polycarbonate sheet.

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