The application of anti-fog coating on hollow polycarbonate sheet

- Jul 10, 2018 -

One of the unique advantages of the special hollow polycarbonate sheet for greenhouse is the anti-fog coating. Today, We will introduce the magical effect of the anti-fog coating on the hollow polycarbonate sheet.

This is an important process in hollow polycarbonate sheet production, brushing a layer of coating on the surface when making some special use sheet, is this why? Are there any fatal hazards to the sun's rays from fog drops?

First of all, as an ideal thermal insulation material, hollow polycarbonate sheet are often used in sunshine rooms and greenhouses.But in fog weather, due to the effect of surface tension of the hollow polycarbonate sheet, the fog will be formed in the sheet surface water droplets, adsorption on the surface plate, with the continuous condensation of water droplets, thus forming droplets.

This will not only harm the sheet, as well as the interior also can have certain adverse effects, such as decreasing sheet light transmittance, increasing indoor humidity and so on, so in order to prevent the happening of this kind of problem, the best way is in the sheet production process on its surface coated with droplets coating, it can be combined with a special material on the surface of the sheet, makes the tension between droplets and plate decreases, which can be directly along the surface of sheet flow, so to hollow polycarbonate sheet has played a very good protection effect, but also can improve the service life of the hollow polycarbonate sheet accordingly.

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