will the solid polycarbonate sheet be crushed by the storm

- Jul 16, 2018 -

Does the wind resistance capability of the solid polycarbonate sheet pass the test? How to keep the solid polycarbonate sheet from being crushed by the storm?

In fact, the resistance capability of the solid polycarbonate sheet is very strong, adults standing on the board will not have any deformation, the premise is that the force is even. Solid polycarbonate sheet is supported by steel structure frame, the user need not consider the ability to resist wind, but considering designed engineering design, how much is the sheet joint skeleton comprehensive wind resistance capacity, to avoid be bad storm crush solid polycarbonate sheet, at the beginning of the design considering the skeleton density is need to strengthen, the thickness of the stainless steel pipe or galvanized square pipe should demand higher.

The solid polycarbonate sheet is light and can reduce the weight of the steel structure. When a magnitude 10 earthquake occurs, it can reduce casualties. This material was used in building renovations during the wenchuan earthquake in Japan and sichuan. Unlike other steel tiles and earthy tiles due to excessive use, easy to cause multiple injuries.

Solid polycarbonate sheet is affordable and reasonable, can be used for life, can reduce the cost of decoration and building installation for consumers.

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