the production process of hollow polycarbonate sheet

- Jun 26, 2018 -

Hollow polycarbonate sheet, its raw material is a new high-end environmental protection raw material polycarbonate, the finished new material polycarbonate is a transparent granular form. The exterior is as bright as diamond, usually is ellipsoidal cylindrical granular form. In the process of processed into hollow polycarbonate sheet need to experience a few process, including: raw material added - heating melt - shape - UV co-extrusion - protective film - the width cutting, annealing - the length cutting - complete production - outer packing.

Among them, several important points will affect the quality of sheet materials, including the application of raw materials, the molding quality and diversification of mold, UV co-extrusion process, anti-fogging technology, etc.

Xinhai since its establishment has introduced five of the world's advanced production lines, including a high-speed sheet production line, the company adopt ISO 9001 2008 international quality standard ensure high standards of production and sales to logistics. While owning leading technology, Xinhai holds regular production technology seminar to ensure the best of each link. In addition, every sheet of the company has been carefully inspected by quality inspectors and sent to the national building chemical materials testing center regularly, which fully ensures the high quality of Xinhai PC sheet.

With 15 years' efforts, Xinhai company has been in the forefront of PC board industry from production to research and development. In the future, we expect every customer to give us valuable advice and make effort to China's industrial manufacturing together with us.

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