anti - fogging technology for hollow polycarbonate sheet

- Jul 13, 2018 -

The anti - fogging hollow polycarbonate sheet was originally made to deal with the cold climate. In fact, the anti - fogging hollow polycarbonate sheet is suitable for any time when there is a certain temperature difference inside and outside the room. The spray comes on because water has a force that causes the outer surface to contract, which is called external tension. Due to the effect of external tension, the liquid surface always tends to be as small as possible, so the small droplets in the air are usually in the shape of a ball. In this way, it will be easy to create the scene of dripping.

The principle of anti - fogging hollow polycarbonate sheet is to make the glass surface form a super hydrophilic coating, in which the contact Angle of water drops is less than 10 degrees for the super hydrophilic coating.When water falls onto a superhydrophilic coating, it forms a water film.On the surface of the vertical plane or with certain inclination Angle, the super hydrophilic coating drops down the transmittance under the effect of gravity, resulting in a sharp reduction of the light in the greenhouse.Dripping from the top affects plant growth in the greenhouse, or leisure, dining and visiting the environment in the greenhouse.Add humidity in the greenhouse to improve the possibility of insect outbreaks.

As for the polycarbonate sheet without the function of anti-fog drops, due to the external tension effect of water, water will condense into small droplets and adhere to the surface of the board. With the continuous condensation of small water droplets, the aggregation becomes the dropping of large water droplets. Prevent droplets sunshine board after the special data sheet in appearance, falling water droplets and the tension between plates, make the condensed water directly down along the hollow polycarbonate sheet inside, don't attack the droplets, avoid light transmittance drop, avoid dripping.

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