How should the polycarbonate sheet be stored and transported correctly

- Jul 11, 2018 -

When purchasing polycarbonate sheet, If there are no big PC sheet company in the local market, so the purchase in different places is very common, which involves the storage and transportation of polycarbonate sheet. Polycarbonate sheet is whole shipment commonly, occupied area is not small, below we will introduce the relevant knowledge that polycarbonate sheet stores correctly for you.

How to properly store and transport the polycarbonate sheet:

1. Pay attention to the preservation of the polycarbonate sheet in the room, never allow direct sunlight or rain.

2. The horizontal height shall not exceed two meters. No heavy weight shall be pressed on the sheet and no hard objects shall be found between the sheet.

3. The storage room shall be clean, dry and free from dust invasion. Other acid and alkaline chemicals shall not be stored in the room at the same time.

4. The protective film shall not be damaged or removed when stored;

5, transport must be flat on the area is greater than the plate clean flat tray, should be properly tied down if necessary to avoid vibration and sliding, and pay attention to protect good edge is not damaged and double-sided protective film to keep intact.

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