how to cut solid polycarbonate sheet

- Jul 24, 2018 -

The plasticity of solid polycarbonate sheet is very strong, which will be used in many occasions. Especially, more and more people use solid polycarbonate sheet to increase the aesthetic degree of the whole project, so the cutting and cutting of solid polycarbonate sheet becomes a very important work. So how should the solid polycarbonate sheet be cut? What are the precautions?

The standard of general solid polycarbonate sheet is fixed, between 1.22m and 2.1m, but it is possible that such dimensions do not meet the actual application requirements, so the solid polycarbonate sheet need to be cut. If it is cut directly in the solid polycarbonate sheet production workshop, it can be used for professional tools, such as circular saw, hand saw, bow data, etc.

In contrast, a circular saw is often used with a fine-toothed saw blade because it can be used more accurately and more quickly. Note the sawdust when cutting. Since the solid polycarbonate sheet has no anti-static function, it will attach to the solid polycarbonate sheet when the sawdust is distributed to the air, making it difficult to clean the solid polycarbonate sheet after cutting.

Therefore, when cutting the solid polycarbonate sheet, use compressed air to blow out the groove, so that the sawdust will not be released into the air, to ensure that the solid polycarbonate sheet is clean and tidy. When cutting solid polycarbonate sheet at construction site, manual or power hacksaw is often used. First, the plate is fixed and clamped on the surface of the platform.

When cutting, be careful not to touch the solid polycarbonate sheet with chemical solvents. If there is any, immediately use a soft cloth to clean with alcohol, or there may be cracking. If there is dust on the surface of the solid polycarbonate sheet, wash it first and then dry it with a cloth. In addition, do not place the solid polycarbonate sheet on the wet cement floor for a long time to avoid contact with acid, alkali and other liquids.

In order to save the materials of solid polycarbonate sheet and reduce the waste, people can contact our technicians at any time if they don't understand or are not sure when cutting, which can provide you with technical guidance and support throughout the whole process and help you to better cut and use the solid polycarbonate sheet.

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