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Baoding Xinhai Plastic Sheet Factory is The largest polycarbonate sheet supplier in northern China.

· All categories, own raw materials factory, industrial chain complete, to meet the needs of your various procurement.

· The only free UV coating in the industry saves you the cost of purchasing.

· It has 5 advanced PC board production lines, with an annual output of 10 million square meters and fast delivery.

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  • Roofing Polycarbonate Sheets
    Roofing Polycarbonate Sheets

    Product Information Product Images Application Wall, roof, and other high-grade indoor...

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  • Polycarb Sheeting Embossed Polycarbonate
    Polycarb Sheeting Embossed Polycarbonate

    Product Information Product Images Application 1) Awning for stadium, bus stop, airport. 2)...

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  • Thick Plastic Roof Sheeting
    Thick Plastic Roof Sheeting

    Polycarbonate Sheet Application 1) Awning for stadium, bus stop, airport. 2) Lighting system for...

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  • Hard Poly Carbon Sheets
    Hard Poly Carbon Sheets

    Product detail Product Pictures Application Gallery Pavilion gardens, funfair exotic decoration...

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  • Polycarbonate Walls Plastic Roofing
    Polycarbonate Walls Plastic Roofing

    At present, the PC sheet in the market mainly has the following three kinds: solid polycarbonate...

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  • Clear Awning Polycarbonate Manufacturer
    Clear Awning Polycarbonate Manufacturer

    PC sheet is an essential type featured with its light weight, outstanding hardness, heat...

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  • Clear Roof Sheets Polycarbonate Sheeting
    Clear Roof Sheets Polycarbonate Sheeting

    Product Description Specificatiion: Product Details Feature Fire retardant: it is a kind of...

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  • Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet
    Multi Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

    polycarbonate sheet is a basic type with light weight, heat resistant, and excellent light...

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